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Sex and Gender Discrimination

Sex and gender discrimination are very serious and very wrong.  Employees often ask, what is sex and gender discrimination, what are examples of sex and gender discrimination, and what can I do to stop it?

As an employee, you have the right to a work environment free from sex and gender discrimination.  This means, you have the right never to be discriminated against.  Missouri law says sex or gender discrimination is any unfair treatment against someone because of their sex or gender.  This means an employer can never consider sex or gender in how the employer treats an employee.  Sex and gender discrimination takes many forms.  For example, sex or gender can never be a factor in:

  1. Hiring,
  2. Firing,
  3. Scheduling,
  4. Promotions,
  5. Demotions,
  6. Discipline,
  7. Pay,
  8. Job location, or
  9. Benefits.

These are common examples of sex and gender discrimination.  But, these are not the only examples of sex and gender discrimination.  Sometimes sexual or gender harassment also occurs at the same time as sex or gender discrimination.  Sexual harassment is when a work environment becomes offensive for a person of a certain sex.  For example, sexual harassment can include sexual jokes, sexual comments, improper touching, sexual demands, sexual cartoons or other offensive conduct involving sex.  You can learn more about sexual harassment on our law firm’s sexual harassment page.

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