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Race Discrimination Attorney

Workers have a right to a race discrimination free work environment. Race discrimination attorneys fight for this right. Employers are not allowed to discriminate based on race. Employers are not allowed to hire, fire, discipline, pay or treat other the terms and conditions of employment differently based on race.

The only way to stamp out discrimination is to hold employers who discriminate fully accountable. This means employers that do discriminate based on race should be held fully accountable. Otherwise, employers that break the law get away with it. All employers should be expected and required to follow the law, without exception. Our community should except nothing less.

Our Portland, Oregon attorneys represent workers, never employers, in racial discrimination and harassment and other discrimination, harassment and retaliation cases.  We fight to protect our clients.  Our law firm fights to enforce our clients’ rights.  Our lawyers fight to hold the wrongdoers responsible.

You can call us at 503-987-0000 for a free case review.

When you call our goal is to learn about what happened and to see if we can help.  So if we think we can help, you get to make the decision whether or not you hire us.  The call is free.

If you hire us as your race discrimination attorney, you won’t owe an attorney fee until you win through a settlement or trial.  Because of this, your energy can be spent focused on other things, allowing our attorneys to take on much of the risk.  Many clients find peace of mind with this contingency fee agreement.

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Our law firm takes on other cases on behalf of workers. Attorneys in our office take on cases involving sexual harassment, sex and gender discrimination, race discrimination, race harassment, sexual orientation discrimination and harassment, pregnancy discrimination and harassment, workers’ compensation retaliation and other forms of discrimination, harassment and retaliation. We also take on whistleblowing cases.

Downtown Portland Oregon home of Attorney for Workers Bullman Law FirmPortland courthouse Multnomah County courthouseA road near Portland Oregon. A lawsuit is like a windy road and you should be helped with an attorney experienced in discrimination, harassment and retaliation.This is Mount Hood near Portland OregonClackamas County Court House near Portland Oregon where our discrimination attorneys fight for clients.Our discrimination and harassment lawyers enjoy coffee among the other things Portland Oregon has to offer The Pioneer Courthouse is where our discrimination and sexual harassment lawyers argue in front of the Ninth Circuit Court of AppealsOur beautiful Oregon State Capitol building where our discrimination lawyers, attorneys fight for worker rights

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Paul A Bullman and Kevin A Jones are top rated discrimination, harassment and retaliation attorneys for AVVO

Paul A. Bullman is a top 100 trial lawyer for Oregon by the National Trial Lawyers

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