Female Firefighter Discrimination Lawsuit

Female Firefighter in Oregon Files Gender Discrimination Lawsuit

A female firefighter who worked for Atira Systems GST of Oregon has filed a lawsuit alleging gender discrimination. In the lawsuit, the woman claims that she was forced to share a hotel room with male colleagues. She alleges that immediately after being hired, she notified a company executive that as the team’s only woman she was uncomfortable sharing a room with men. In response, she was told she would be able to sleep in a tent. But two days later, she was forced to share a room with her male colleagues for more than two weeks. She described the men as “rude and condescending” and that she was made to feel uncomfortable.

The female employee complained again to the same company executive, who told her she needed to share a room. When she complained again, she alleges that he called her profane and derogatory names and made unsubstantiated claims about her mental health. She was thereafter fired.

The executive that she complained to has alleged that she never complained about having to share a room and that she was terminated for “gross insubordination.” He also alleged that she was disrespectful to other Atira employees and U.S. Forest Service employees.

The firefighter’s lawsuit alleges claims against Atira for gender discrimination and wrongful termination (retaliation).

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Source: https://apnews.com/5fa8aaf40a80f981dd43ef8b51eba3f9