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Paul A. Bullman

Founding Attorney
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Paul only represents workers. Since 2007,  Paul has served as the lead trial attorney for multiple jury trials involving discrimination, harassment, and retaliation. He actively represents clients in the EEOC (Equal Employment Opportunity Commission), BOLI (Bureau of Labor and Industries in Oregon), and state and federal courts.

Paul is active in various professional organizations including being the immediate past President for a large employment lawyers group.

Paul is honored to have previously served on the Oregon House of Delegates for the Oregon State Bar.  Members of the House of Delegates are elected or selected to decide and vote on various important Oregon State Bar issues such as disciplinary rule changes, the Bar’s position on legislation and various other member resolutions.

As an experienced workplace lawyer, Paul actively advises elected legislators regarding employment laws including discrimination, harassment and retaliation laws.  Paul works to ensure the laws including the various rules written by federal agencies (like the EEOC) and state agencies (like BOLI) are fair for workers.

Paul also has been selected to teach at continuing legal education events involving discrimination, harassment and retaliation.  Paul frequently travels the country to participate, assist in and speak at continuing legal education events involving jury trial practice.

Paul has been interviewed for multiple major news publications on discrimination, harassment and retaliation.