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What Defense Could My Employer Use In a Sexual Harassment Claim?

Employees may feel like it could be a losing battle from the get-go if they bring a sexual harassment claim against their employer. That’s because most employers will do everything in their power to prevent an employee from taking legal action against the company, especially if the claims involve sexual harassment. However, that shouldn’t deter employees who have been harassed at their job from going forward with the claim.

If you have been sexually harassed at your job and are unsure what your next steps should be, reach out to the team at Bullman Law Firm. Our attorneys are here for you during this difficult time and will walk you through the options available.

What Employers May Do to Stop a Sexual Harassment Claim

As we shared, employers will do everything they can to make sure a sexual harassment claim isn’t filed against the company. That could include company officials saying that the employee is a liar or that all the employee wants to do is embarrass the business.

Employers may also allege that the employee welcomed the conduct. They may claim the employee did nothing to stop the sexual actions and therefore, how was the other individual supposed to know that they were doing something wrong? It’s critical for employees to know that just because they didn’t stop the sexual actions doesn’t mean that the actions were validated or consensual.

Proving Sexual Harassment

Unfortunately, it is usually on the employee to prove that there was sexual harassment in the workplace. Any evidence an employee can provide against their employer is crucial as that could be another defense from the employer — that there is no evidence of the sexual harassment taking place and the employee is making everything up.

Ways to prove sexual harassment could include documents, witnesses, or notes. Another resource is by making a claim with the human resources department or equivalent individual. Any time an employee submits information to human resources, no matter the circumstances, it’s essential to keep a personal record of the documentation for potential legality purposes later on.

Contacting Bullman Law Firm

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