Using Smartphones to Report Discrimination

The #MeToo movement has brought to light just how many victims of sexual harassment and discrimination never speak up. Now, smartphone app developers are introducing a new way for victims to report discrimination.

Apps such as JDoe and Callisto allow individuals to report sexual harassment and discrimination via an app, rather than requiring an in-person report. Many who have used the app already have reported that it is far less traumatizing than reporting it face-to-face.

The Callisto app has been used on college campuses for students to report sexual assaults. The app will be launching a version geared toward the tech industry for use by those employees in fall 2018.

If you believe you have been sexually harassed or a victim of unequal pay, please consider contacting the lawyers at the Bullman Law Firm. We represent workers, not employers. Our number is (503) 987-0000. There is no charge for your call.