Ohio Judge to Face Discipline for Sexual Harassment

An Ohio Court of Appeals judge has been accused of sexual harassment by two women. A disciplinary hearing was held at the Ohio Supreme Court before the Disciplinary Counsel, which has recommended an indefinite suspension of his law license.

One of the women accusing the judge of harassment was a former intern, whom the judge admitted to having a sexual relationship with after she left his office. The other woman was a former secretary and bailiff, whom the judge admitted to having sexually charged conversations with outside of work.

When questioned about whether he believed that sexual harassment was only confined to the workplace and working hours, the judge responded that he believed conversation outside of work that was “silly” or “inappropriate” was not sexual harassment if it was not unwelcome. The judge denied that he had sexually harassed the women.

Despite the judge’s characterization of sexual harassment, the Board of Professional Conduct (“BPC”) recommended an indefinite suspension of his law license. The Ohio Supreme Court will take up the issue of the suspension following the BPC’s report. The decision is not expected to come down until sometime in 2019.

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Source: https://www.10tv.com/article/emotions-run-high-disciplinary-hearing-judge-accused-sexual-harassment