Women Unite across U.S. to Combat Sexual Harassment

Women across the United States are uniting to combat sexual harassment and expose hostile workplaces. While the entertainment industry was one of the first industries to speak out, sparking the #MeToo movement, women in other industries are speaking out as well.

Alianza Nacional de Campesinas (National Farmworkers Women’s Alliance) penned a letter called “Dear Sisters” in Time magazine, detailing how more than 700,000 women in the agricultural industry were uniting with those women who had spoken out. The letter noted that the women were not surprised at all that rampant sexual harassment was taking place in the entertainment industry because women working in agriculture had faced it for far too long themselves.

The article details how women are using their collective voices to speak out against sexual harassment and retaliation against those who have complained of discrimination. The author goes on to write: “No one — no matter where they work — should suffer from workplace sexual violence. And, no matter the identity of the victim or the perpetrator, allies should feel a moral imperative to speak out so that victims will know that they are believed and supported.”

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Source: https://time.com/5475979/alianza-letter-2018/