California Says No More Secret Settlements for Sexual Harassment Claims

California has banned secret settlements for claims of sexual harassment against employers. The change in the law comes in the wake of the #MeToo movement. California, the home to Hollywood and the entertainment industry where much of the headliner harassment claims have come from, is now the leading state in reforming sexual harassment laws.

Under the new law, the identity of perpetrators will no longer remain confidential. A victim’s name can be protected from disclosure, but non-disclosure as to the perpetrator is now banned. The purpose of banning non-disclosure agreements is to bring accountability to offenders. This is a sweeping change to the law, as across the United States non-disclosures have been allowed for years.

California’s Governor Jerry Brown also signed a number of other bills addressing workplace harassment, including a mandate that applies to nearly every employee in California to attend biannual sexual harassment training, as well as allowing victims of harassment up to a decade to seek civil damages for sexual assault.

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