Teenage Employee Files Sexual Harassment Claim

A teenage employee has sued her employer alleging sexual harassment, alleging that the managers allowed the sexual harassment by customers to occur because it was “good for business.”

The employee worked at Jamba Juice in Palm Desert, California. She alleges her managers were aware of the harassment and even encouraged it by scheduling her for shifts on which male customers were known to frequent the store. One customer even offered the employee a Rolex in exchange for sexual favors.

After the employee complained, she was fired for allegedly cheating during a gift card contest, an issue that was not raised until after her termination.

Other female employees have also reported being subject to similar treatment at the same location.

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Source: https://www.desertsun.com/story/news/crime_courts/2018/09/07/sexual-harassment-complaint-filed-against-jamba-juice-palm-desert/1225793002/