Investor Calls for Outside Sexual Harassment Review

An activist investor, Arjuna Capital, has called for Comcast to conduct an independent investigation into what it says are Comcast’s “failures to prevent workplace sexual harassment.” Arjuna Capital has a track record of drawing attention to gender discrimination issues at large companies. The investor filed a proposed shareholder resolution seeking the independent review, citing the need to avoid legal and reputational risk.

Comcast, meanwhile, does not wish to have the proposal heard as part of the resolutions that shareholders would get to vote on at the annual shareholder meeting (which is typically held in June). Comcast argues that the proposal deals with the company’s ordinary business operations, putting the proposal outside of the purview of shareholders.

Part of Arjuna Capital’s proposed resolution points to NBC’s 2017 firing of former Today show host Matt Lauer, who was terminated for claims of sexual harassment. Arjuna Capital is questioning NBC News’ handling of workplace sexual misconduct, among other things. Arjuna Capital believes an independent report would assess how the company could better hold employees accountable for the harm that they cause.
Arjuna Capital represents investors owning more than 1.4 million of Comcast’s 4.6 billion shares. The managing partner of Arjuna Capital stated that investors are concerned about the possibility of regulatory fines and court-imposed judgments.

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